Painted Noodles: The 3 ingredient DIY that will have you creating beautiful and irresistible invitations to play!

Are you looking for a new and pretty way to invite your kids to play independently?  Painted Noodles is the activity for you!  It is easy and relatively messless plus produces the most visually appealing rainbow of noodles your kids won’t be able to resist playing with.

Here is what you’ll need:

Noodles the wider the variety the better

Acrylic paint again the more colors the better

Hand Sanitizer

Messy Play Mat to catch the mess and save your sanity!

Tuff Tray for setting up all your messy play activities

Large Ziplock bags


Begin by putting your noodles, paint (a little bit to start don’t worry you can add more later) and a couple pumps of hand sanitizer inside a large ziplock and SHAKE. Check to see if you have enough color, add more paint if needed.

Line cookie sheets with foil and dump your noodles out. Spread them out in a thin layer but don't worry if they clump up you will be able to separate them.
They should be dry in about an hour. The noodles might stick a little to the foil but for the most part they pop right off and the color remains brilliant!
I laid these out in the most beautiful color block arrangement and forgot to put a memory card in my camera before shooting it. So sad. Regardless it was a very successful invitation to play and kept Stevie and Celeste busy for a good stretch of time.

A note on sustainability:

REUSE THE BAGS. You will absolutely want to do this activity again so save your bags! The paint dries and does not transfer if you reuse them for a different color paint. There are loads of other crafts that require ziplocks and paint or food coloring. The noodles can be used over and over too! Try to stash your noodles away somewhere your kids can't find them and set up another invitation to play on a different day. The colors will be mixed but secretly I don't think the kids care that much about that, they will be thrilled to play with them again.

If you give this a try please share your project with me!  Follow me on instagram for more ideas @twinningmommycolleen 

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