How to create a sustainable play castle

Create the ultimate sustainable play castle in 3 easy steps 

Have you ever looked at your recycling bin and wished you could repurpose it’s contents into something sustainable? Me too! Have you ever wanted to buy your kids a durable and affordable play house but won’t because you cannot bare to contribute another piece of plastic to our land fills? Me too! These thoughts are precisely how this beautiful trash castle came to be.  

Here is what you will need:

Project boards– This link is for 4 boards, I used 2 because we have limited space.  Using 4 boards is best!

Spray Paint– This is the best paint because it is has a primer mixed in.  You will need about 2.5 cans per board. (be sure to check your local offer up or neighborhood selling apps for left over paint)

Paint (non-spray)– any color will do it does not have to match 

Glue gun and Glue sticks

White duct tape 

Trash! -you will need  a lot of recycling, plastics, egg cartons, juice and milk jugs and tin foil too! 


3 easy steps:

1.  Glue.  Begin by gluing the recycling to your boards. It doesn’t have to be in any particular order, I think random looks best! Don’t worry about any open spots you can fill those in later with tin foil or smaller pieces of trash before you paint.

Glue your trash on while the board is upright. Place some bottles with their lids off sticking above the top of the board. These open bottles are fun to fill with flowers or other decorations!
You will want to glue an anchor to the bottom corner of each board and fill it with water. This will keep your castle walls from tipping over!

2.  Paint!  Take your time and spray paint evenly.  Be sure to get into all the empty spaces.  At this point you will want to paint your anchors as well, this is what the non-spray paint is for.  

You will want to remove the lids from the bottles at the top, remember you will be putting flowers in these or other decorations!

3.  Tape.  Use the white duct tape to cover up any paint that was sprayed on the white backing of the boards (this is the inside of your castle).  I let my kids color on the inside and wanted them to have a plain white canvas to begin with.

Let your kids go to town with coloring utensils and stickers. Try draping a sheet over the top to make a spooky fort too. The possibilities are endless!

This is a simple and rewarding project that you can feel good about creating!  I hope you try it for yourself and let me know how it turns out!

Happy Crafting!

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