Dollhouse Flipping: The Budget Friendly Guide

Have you heard of Dollhouse Flipping?  Dollhouse flipping is the same as real estate flipping just on miniature scale.  Adding a coat of paint and new furniture is nice but the expert dollhouse flippers take interiors and even exteriors to the next level with themed rooms and miniature everything!  The details are so incredible you’ll be wishing you could shrink down and move in.  For some inspiration head over to Etsy and type dollhouse into the search bar, be prepared there is miniature EVERYTHING and it’s all adorable.  The site has the coolest interiors, I want it all, especially their Aztec rugs!  If you love the idea of having a refurbished dollhouse but don’t have the time to execute such a project check out their work is enviable, you will be amazed by the spaces Kate, the owner creates.  She will execute your vision better then you can imagine!

If this sounds fun but you don’t have major dough to invest in a luxury dollhouse flip this guide is for you! 

Here is what you will need:

An old bedside table or side table with a door or without 

Paint ( I used paint we had because I want it to blend in with the furniture we have)

Colorful and Glittery card stock

Fabric (shop the remnants section at the fabric store) 

Flatback Acrylic Gems

Battery Operated Cabinet Light

Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks (you can totally use white Elmers glue but you will have to lay your cabinet flat to dry also, the process is much fast with hot glue 

Let's get flipping:

Begin with an old piece of furniture like this beauty. Take the door, hinges, and handle off then paint.  We had white paint which worked perfectly because I still want it to function as a real side table.  If you choose a piece that doesn’t have a door painting it a fun color would look great.  I want to do this for my next flip.  A bookshelf would be perfect!

Get Gluing! 

I glued flat back acrylic gems and sequins on the walls.  This was the most time intense and the only part I spent money on (besides the light) but well worth the $17 at Hobby Lobby.  I used nearly the entire container and it turned out DAZZLING!

I also cut fabric scraps for the walls and floor covering.  Pro-TIP cut the shapes out of fabric and mount them onto contrasting pieces of card stock.  This really makes them pop and gives the walls some depth. Try to find an image from a magazine like the one below.  I found this in Architectural Digest.  Layer it with colorful and sparkling card stock to make it stand out as a focal point for the wall.

Magazines are a great place to find cool imagery for the walls but don’t forget to search old text books too. I found these jumbo gems in an old Gemology text book and they made the perfect addition to this space.  

Give old furniture a facelift with a coat of paint in a fun color.  We were gifted this set.  I used left over paint from Valentine’s Day in the prettiest fuchsia shade.  Offer-up and the Goodwill or other local thrift shops are good places to find old dollhouse furniture.  


Before you’re ready to move in don’t forget to add lighting.  This is what makes the space come to life especially if your piece has a door.  I glued a battery operated push cabinet light and it worked perfectly.  

Time to move in!

I know I say this about ALL my projects but this was SO fun and really is a must try.  Stevie and Celeste are obsessed with it and has inspired tons of play scenarios for them.  I will definitely be doing it again.  Please give it a try and share with others.  Tag me in your posts @twinningmommycolleen on instagram so I can see your hard work.  It brings me so much joy to see how I inspire creativity in others.  ENJOY!

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