Craft to Calm-the perfect open ended paper craft kit

Are you searching for a creative outlet but don’t have time to execute a craft project?  I get it, crafting is often messy, expensive and there is no guarantee your project will come out as expected.  That is what’s so great about Craft to Calm, everything you need to make beautiful art comes in the kit! 

The idea for Craft to Calm was born during the early years of my Nanny career.  I cut big, fun shapes from  colorful paper and my charges and I glued together beautiful pictures as artwork for their house or presents for friends and family.  This was one of my favorite projects while working, it was a fun opportunity for us to bond and the children were always so proud of the art they created.  Nannying was sometimes hard and isolating.  I found if I had a fun project like Craft to Calm to look forward to it made my day much better.   There is magic in making art and even more so when you do it as group but all the prep can rob some joy from the experience.  Craft to Calm provides all the magic without the planning or mess. 

In every Craft to Calm kit you will find 150 hand cut pieces of colorful and sparkling shapes including 10 paper eyeballs, 2 glue sticks and four 8.5 by 11 inch sheets of natural card stock inside a 13 by 10 inch resealable envelope. I hand cut each of the shapes in your kit and constantly scour my sources for vintage and one of a kind hand made papers to include making each kit entirely unique and spectacular.

Craft to Calm is an open ended craft.  Unlike other art kits there is no  goal.  Since you can’t make mistakes the possibilities are endless!  Try to challenge yourself by grabbing a piece from the paper pile without looking then quickly glue it on the card stock before you have time to think too much about placement.  Let your intuition guide you and the result will be beautiful.  

Go ahead and allow some shapes to hang over the edge of the card stock!  This makes the composition more interesting and helps you with placing your pieces wherever you want without too much planning.  Staying within the border of the page is a rule and one of Craft to Calm’s best attributes is there are no rules!  

Layering is another fun component to creating with Craft to Calm.  Our brains have a tendency to place things in their own space not wanting them to touch or over lap.  Resist the urge to give each shape it’s own space.  Layer every chance you get not thinking of what shape is being hidden, instead think of the new and more interesting shapes you’re creating. 

Cutting back on the thinking aspect while making art is challenging at first.  You will be surprised at the beauty you are capable of when you trust the process and let go a little bit of control.  Don’t forget there are no mistakes and the magic is in the making!

By taking away the rules and expectations associated with traditional art projects Craft to Calm allows our imagination to activate and create in a way it doesn’t often get too.  This is especially exciting and fun to witness in children.  Stevie and Celeste love to “play paper” alongside me.  Watching them create like this never gets old! 

Are you ready to create beautiful art work now?  Purchase your Craft to Calm kit HERE and don’t forget to share your creations with me on instagram @twinningmommycolleen 

can’t wait to see what you create🌈🖼❤️

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