Ball Tubes: The simple solution for kids who throw EVERYTHING

Do your kids love to throw stuff as much as mine?  Stevie and Celeste have always loved to throw everything they could get their hands on starting as soon as they were old enough to drop their food off their highchair tray.  This was super annoying and I was quick to correct them before I learned about the Trajectory Schema.  That’s what the urge to experience gravity and inertia is called, Trajectory Schema, it’s a building block in our little guy’s developing brains.  The intense need to jump off furniture, pouring water, playing with trains or cars on tracks, all of those are part of this Schema.  This ball tube activity is a fantastic way to exercise Trajectory with your kids and it’s also great practice in team work.   

Here is what you will need:

4 inch wide Accordion Tube 

4 inch Elbow 90 degree connector

Duct Tape

Balls! I love this type of 2 inch plain wooden ball.  I tinted ours by soaking them in food coloring overnight.  They turned out great! 

You’re ready to get started! 

I pre-cut long pieces of tape to make the set up easier.  We started with a 3 hole tube connector but found 2 elbow connectors worked better because Stevie and Celeste each wanted their own tube.  

There are not a ton of activities that inspire sharing and team work between Stevie and Celeste the way this one does.
The possibilities for this project are endless! I hope you have as much fun as we do.

There are loads of other types of tubes and connectors available at The Home Depot but this combo was the simplest, and allowed for the largest variety of ball sizes, also it was the cheapest!  These tubes cost $7 and the connectors cost $5 but honestly you can burn a lot of good time with just the tube.  I will definitely do this again and mix it up with different connectors and tubes.  Have fun and don’t forget to share your projects with me!  

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