Bead to Bliss- A bead kit with no rules but all the colors and textures you could dream of

Bead to Bliss combines the unique experience of open ended crafting with jewelry making.  Think of it as the personal adornment version of Craft to Calm.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my trips to our local bead shop.  The little cups filled with beautiful beads just waiting to be strung into something special -it felt magical.

That magic is what I’m hoping to share with you in Bead to Bliss   

I search far and wide to source the most amazing collection of beads for your kit. The variety included are vintage, glass, crystal, semi precious stone, pearls and polymer. You will find supplies enough for 4 bracelets and 8 pieces of elastic which means you can cut and remake 4 more original creations. Details: Each 6″by 5″ box contains a linen pouch where your beads will live and an inspirational instruction insert. Let the box double as a safe working space so your bead collection won’t roll away!

Bead to Bliss is not an ordinary bead kit.  I’m not reselling beads from your local craft store or from overseas websites.  My beads mostly come from small family run businesses and estate dealers.  Many of the glass beads are hand made and the bones are hand carved.  Collecting beads is a really exciting job, I love hunting for these tiny treasures!  An abundance of passion and creativity exists in each kit, they are literally  bursting with potential.  The curation of vintage glass, semi precious stone, pearls, polymer, crystal, and shell beads in this kit gives you the unique opportunity to create a bracelet you feel personally attached too.  

Jewelry is an accessory worn to enhance our beauty.  When we hand make our own accessories from beads picked through activating our intuition the experience and product are magical.  By eliminating patterns or planning Bead to Bliss allows you to create a bracelet in an open ended process that activates your imagination.


The jewelry and craft industries are saturated with tempting products but none come close to replicating what is the Bead to Bliss experience.  This kit provides a personal jewelry making experience you can’t buy anywhere else.  

When you begin sorting through your kit which jump beads out at you and why?  Does the abalone briolette remind you of your favorite beach destination? Or the vintage glass flower bring back childhood memories?  What about the turquoise, does it look like your grandma’s favorite Native American jewelry?  And the crystals and polymer rondelles are they your fave color and compliment the other beads perfectly? See?! this is how you build a bracelet that has meaning and beauty.  Bead to Bliss is waiting for you to create a memorable piece of personal adornment.  Get your kit today and come share in the magic in the making. 

Please tag me on instagram!  I love to see your beautiful artwork!

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